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nordic green hospital modelNordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH) leads, participate in and initiate projects in different fields with a strong link to sustainable and green healthcare. NCSH has taken part in EU-projects, projects with Swedish funding, Danish funding, different Nordic funders and projects financed by participating stakeholders.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our ongoing projects, if you need a Nordic partner for a project or has a brilliant project idea within sustainable healthcare.

We often collaborate with other stakeholder in other countries and professionals with specialized competence we need in projects.


Ongoing projects

Here we present our ongoing and active projects. For completed or dormant projects, conferences etc. look a bit further down on this page.

Nordic White paper on Sustainable Healthcare

Nordic InnovationDuring 2018 NCSH will write a nordic white paper on sustaianable healthcare. Included in the project are events and workshops around the Nordics.

- Sweden: February 15 - The nordic conference on Sustainable healthcare  
- Iceland: April 17 - Joint workshop with partners
- Finland: May 31 - Session on Upgraded Life Festival
- Sweden: October 3 - Workshop in collaboration with Swecare
- Denmark: - November 3 - Workshop in collaboration with DTU
- Norway:  More information will follow

See our calendar for detailed information about the workshops, venues etc. >>>

The project is funded by Nordic Innovation.

For more information contact us:
Daniel Eriksson , +46 (0)707-94 42 13, 
Linnea Turnstedt , +46 (0)708-92 73 05

Nordic Innovation

Joint Nordic events - healthcare as a leverage for smarter and greener cities

With funding from Nordic Innovation NCSH with Nordic and Israeli partners will work on using healthcare as a leverage for smarter and greener cities. A delegationg/matchmaking event will take place November 14-15 2018.

See our calendar for detailed information >>>

For more information please contact
Daniel Eriksson,

+46 707 94 42 13

Innovation Cluster Energy Efficent Healthcare

The Swedish Energy Agency is funding a Swedish national Innovation Cluster hosted and managed by the NCSH. The cluster was formed in 2016 and is currently under developement. We welcome all stakeholders with an interest in energy efficiency in healthcare to contact us. 2017 a report on Swedish Energy Efficent healthcare was released and 2018 a report on challanges in internationalisation of Swedish energy efficent healthcare. 
More information and reports >>> 

During 2018, Letter of Intent was written with 3 international innovation arenas for future collaborations in the field of energy efficent and climate smart healthcare.

For more information contact us:
Daniel Eriksson,  , +46 (0)707-94 42 13
Linnea Turnstedt,  , +46 (0)708-92 73 05

Nordic strategic platform for increased export of Sustainable Healthcare solutions.

NCSH is one of around 15 members in the Nordic Innovation task force for export of health and welfare solutions. The project is initiated by the Nordic Ministry Council and aims to unite and increase Nordic export of health-related services and products. Around three organisations from each member country (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland) represent different areas of health export and NCSH is added as a pan-Nordic actor.

Sustainable healthcare has been identified as one of four Nordic strongholds within Nordic health export together with Smart Digital Solutions, Welfare technology and Personalized care.This means that members in NCSH can look forward to increased efforts to expand the area of sustainable healthcare and projects that supports those efforts. A first report from the task force will be published during 2018.

Grønnköpingkið - The greenest hospital in the world

nordic green hospital model

Grønnköpingkið is a fictive Nordic city that will build a new university hospital with the best the Nordics can offer within sustainability in healthcare. All solutions must be installed at a Nordic hospital, but we will also have an innovation pavilion with solutions not yet on the market. The result will be an interactive model where you can find solutions within various categories such as waste management, water treatment, MedTech with a sustainability edge, energy efficiency etc. Under each category up to 10 Nordic solutions will be presented and you will be able to find out where you can see it installed, what is the sustainability impact, suppler info, technical info, contact info to hospital staff etc. The project is not funded at the moment so NCSH are working with it when there is spare time, so it will move slowly forward just like a real hospital construction. If you want to participate or have a solution that should be in the model, please contact us.

Read more about the project >>>


The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2018

The conference was held in collaboration with Aktuell Hållbarhet and joined together speakers and participants from over 10 countries with interest in creating a more sustainable healthcare. This year’s focus lay on areas such as, Tools for sustainable construction and maintenance of healthcare buildings, International knowledge from sustainable health and care systems, procurement as a sustainability tool and antibiotic resistance. Read more on topics and speakers here >>

The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2017

In collaboration with Aktuell Hållbarhet, Dagens Medicin and Bonnier Sustainability Media, Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare organized a one day conference with speakers from all over Europe to focus on the latest developments in areas such as: sustainability priorities at major Nordic hospitals, state of the art Nordic projects, as well as new and innovative solutions on the market in everything from energy efficiency to pharmaceuticals. Read more on topics and speakers here >>

CleanMed Europe 2012

TEM took the initiative for the international conference CleanMed Europe 2012 and acted as a project leader throughout the conference held in Malmö, with 350 participants from over 30 countries.

Completed projects

NCSH has with funding from the Swedish Energy Agency conducted a survey and interviews with relevant stakeholders within energy efficient healthcare. The focus has been internationalization, both in terms of collaboration regarding innovation but also export. The report includes a number of conclusions that focus on challenges that need to be addressed both nationally and internationally.

This report is part of the Innovation cluster for energy efficient healthcare, a project funded by the Sweish Energy Agency. 

For more information, see here >> 

Please contact:
Daniel Eriksson

+46707-94 42 13



National innovation agenda for sustainable healthcare

The healthcare sector stands for a significant part of the GDP and the overall environmental impact. Meanwhile, there is a lack of a coordinated interaction between the sector’s stakeholders in terms of knowledge transfer, benefits from commercial opportunities and application of newly developed products and services.

The innovation agenda for sustainable healthcare is a collaboration project of TEM, Swecare and Lund University, financed by Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Research Council Formas.

Download the National innovationagenda short version (English) (pdf) >>

Download the National innovationagenda (Swedish), (pdf) >>

Sustainable healthcare is a complex area that embraces a range of industries and research fields. Its stakeholders come from various branches, such as private and public healthcare, environmental technology, Life Science with good environmental performance, construction industry etc. With this variety of stakeholders, sustainable healthcare on the one hand faces certain obstacles, while on the other it has a big potential to act as a platform for the sector’s stakeholders.

The innovation agenda’s starting point is the stakeholder perspective. It shall provide different solutions to the challenges that exist in the area today. Moreover, it will point to the opportunities in the area that have a capacity to strengthen Sweden’s economic growth, employment and at the same time reduce environmental impacts of the healthcare.

vinnova mfl

Green Procurement of Hospital Textiles - Nordic guide and cooperation

NCSH collaborated with PlanMiljø in a project that focused on the green procurement of hospital textiles. The aim of the project was to encourage and assist hospitals and regional authorities in the Nordic region in moving towards a more sustainable procurement of healthcare textiles. 

A country specific fact sheet will be developed for the Nordic countries. This will include current status, obstacles and potential for healthcare textiles procurement. The consortium will also establish and facilitate a network of stakeholders relevant to the procurement of textiles in the healthcare sector. The stakeholders will also be brought together in different workshops to discuss and exchange initiatives as well as establish voluntary agreements. A strategy will then be developed and carried out for the guide’s dissemination amongst Nordic healthcare procurers.

A guide on green procurement of hospital textiles has been developed in close cooporation with the network. The guide was released during 2017 and is available in English. Greener textiles in hospitals - guide to green procurement in the healthcare sectorcan be downloaded here >>

For more information about this project, contact Daniel Eriksson at  or 0707-94 42 13

Nordic procurement network for sustainable healthcare

The network was founded as a part of NCSH and as a result of a project on textiles in healthcare. After a few meetings the network was put on hold due to lack of funding.

For more information see here >>>

LED for Healthcare

LED for Healthcare focuses on lighting in the healthcare. Healthcare is a perfect sector to test innovative lighting solutions with the existing variety of applications that a healthcare establishment provides: outdoor lighting, operating theaters, offices, garages etc. Meanwhile, the lighting industry seeks ways to test and verify innovations that come together with the shift to the LED-technology, and national credentials for better export opportunities.

The project was funded by The Swedish Energy Agency.

Contact us for more information,
Daniel Eriksson,  , +46707-94 42 13

Sustainable Health Care

One of the reasons behind the success of the Swedish healthcare system in terms of its environmental and sustainability performance is the high number of top-notch products and services developed for the healthcare sector by Swedish companies. However, the potential to boost sales of these products and services, both nationally and globally, is often neglected. The collaboration project Sustainable Health Care launched in January 2010, focused on enhanced sales of sustainable products and services for the healthcare sector nationally and internationally. The project was a continuation of another initiative completed earlier - Sustainable Hospitals. The project focused on technical visits, intensified cooperation between businesses and between businesses and healthcare institutions, as well as new export channels. Within the project, healthcare companies got an opportunity to present their latest solutions to potential clients, while healthcare institutions informed companies about current problematic issues that require solutions. A reference group consisting of a number of healthcare institutions took part in the project along with the businesses.

Project owner: Sustainable Business Hub (Malmö)
Project partners: Business Region Göteborg, Sustainable Sweden Southeast and Hälsoteknikalliansen; Region Skåne and Region Västra Götaland took an active part in the project
Co-funder: Tillväxtverket
Project leader: Daniel Eriksson, TEM 
For more information contact Daniel Eriksson at +46707-94 42 13

Green Health Care Öresund

The project Green Health Care Öresund was a joint EU-project between Region Skåne, Malmö university hospital, Region Copenhagen adn Gentofte Hospital. The purpose of the project was to develop a network of contacts and gather knowledge about environmental issues for healthcare institutions from the Swedish and Danish sides of the Öresund region. The two key parties in the project were the University hospital in Malmö (UMAS) and Gentofte Hospital in Copenhagen, with TEM as the project leader. Other partners were Region Skåne and Region Huvedstaden (Copenhagen), to name a few.

The project underwent three phases. Initially, the concept of Green Health Care as a system that both has improved environmental performance and generates economic and health-related benefits, was introduced. During the second phase, a model for a “sustainable patient room” was developed as a guidance for construction and renovation of healthcare buildings in the Öresund region. The third phase of the project included an analysis of energy use at two hospitals with the purpose to reduce energy costs.

For more information contact Daniel Eriksson at +46707-94 42 13 



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